28 April 2011


after two non-responses for the giveaway the third number drawn  finally contacted me and and her pouch is on it way! :)

now on to cool things, as part of my easter present my husband took me to fernbank's mythical creatures exhibit.  i had lots of fun my only complaint...not big enough.  i wanted more but hey it was fun and i got to see the unicorn, i adore unicorns!

and this pegasus wasn't too shabby either!

more photos can be seen on my fickr set by clicking here!

now, i like to try different things and see how they come out and to be honest some don't come out so well but some do and that's when i'm super excited!!
my new project are key fobs, now you may be asking yourself what is a key fob?  well it's a piece of material you can loop around your wrist to hold your keys, change purse, or flash-drives.  it's really useful and in my case really cute!! check out these two i just made!!

both will be making their way into the shop very soon so keep a look out!!
you can visit our shop at blacktulipshop.com!

thanks for stopping by and keep checking back for details on our next giveaway or visit us at our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/blacktulipshop 

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