29 January 2011

vintage cuteness...

is what these charms are! i went to one of the local bead shops and found these cute key charms and just fell in love. the shop had a lot of vintage beads and i will be back but these were just too good to pass up!!
i got a few more to make bracelets and phone/ds lite charms. i also found the small dish today it was a good score for a saturday! :)

check it out!

27 January 2011


means hugs and kisses! :) with love day around the corner i have decided to make a few cool things to celebrate.
the right fabric is key to making the right thing and after checking a few local shops i found two fabrics i really like, both from hobby lobby.
the first fabric features the classic conversational candies!
it's just fun and cute to work with and the first thing made i was a heart shaped coin purse.


the second thing i made is this fabric wrist cuff. i really like the font used for the hugs and kisses, it's a simple and clean design . i'm thinking of getting more and making a skirt out of this fabric. it's cute without being too cutesy...if that makes sense.

right now the coin purse is in the shop but the cuff will be coming soon, let me know what you think!! :)

new year, big plans....

happy face! :)

so i have so many plans for the new year including the website,having tables at cons and events and just some general awesomeness!!

first up, website now I already have my domain name ( blacktulipshop.com ) and for now it will send you to the etsy shop. once i figured out layout and color scheme i will start building. the website will offer different items than the etsy shop so keep checking in to see what new and fun things are happening.

i'm super excited to find out more about working cons and events. in the coming months i'll be looking into getting a table at awa (anime weekend atlanta) but before that i have plans to get a table during the atlanta roller derby season. i'm excited and bit scared but hey i like a challange!! if you have any advice/words of wisdom please share.

also this week i'm having a sale on  phone/ds lite charms! all charms are 20% off (price already reflects discount) so come check it out here!
here are a few new charms!!

well that's it for now...have a great day!! :)