19 February 2012

sticker collecting...

is so much fun!
in the last couple of years i have started to collect stickers again and i'm hooked.

when i was a kid i loved having stickers everywhere. i had them on my notebooks, locker, notes i passed in class they where all around me. some featured my favorite bands and some were just for fun but believe you me this girl loved her stickers! (*^▽^*)

now lets take some time and talk about one of my favorite things, stickers!!

here is one of my favorite sticker album.

this book is by q-lia and i got it from tokyu hands in shinjuku. the book has both glossy and regular paper pages and this particular sticker album is home to some of my cutest stickers!

the stickers are a combination of ones i have bought and some given to me.

it is also home to some of the adorable deco tape i have come across.


now you may ask yourself where does she get all these wonderful stickers?

well everywhere, some on my travels and some online. the stickers come in either sheets or sticker flake bags. you can find lots of great stickers on etsy or ebay but you can also trade with other sticker lovers. sticker flakes are great for trading because each sack usually contains about 71 stickers (1 large and 70 small).
there are groups on websites like flickr that are just for trading stickers. i'm thinking about joining a sticker trading group but for now i will enjoy the stickers i have now!

03 February 2012

check out...

the new look! it's a work in progress but i like it so far!! :)