13 August 2010

12 August 2010

oh happy day...

Great, my Pink Petals Charm For Cell Phones, Keyrings or DS Lites has been chosen to be in a fabulous treasury!
In case you don't know on Etsy users can create a "Treasury" to spotlight other sellers.

(: Check it out here! :)

10 August 2010

update time....

so i have been super busy and working like mad in my shop.
it's paid off, sales are great and people have been super great!!! :)

i've had some commissions and started making some new things.
right now i'm obsessed with making phone charms.
working with the beads and charms are a real joy.
also some jewelry making added in there for variety has been a real pleasure too.
watch out sewing you have some competition.
i guess you could say i want to be the mistress of most if not all craft mediums.

i will try my hand at some decoden as well, looks like fun!

so here's what you've been waiting for my recent work, enjoy!