29 September 2010

more time...

i have so many projects i want to start.
i'm working on a super cute giveaway for october and new items for the shop.
i'm excited for fall and the crisp air that comes with it.
i...love...love...love fall.!

23 September 2010

help me win...

i have entered the spoonflower kawaii contest, please vote for me!
click here to vote!!
here's how to vote, you click the image and a green box appears around the image.
then you go to the last page and click the vote button.
my entry is under miki_the_artsit and it's the design bear and cross honey dippers.

Thanks in advance! :)

22 September 2010


for the shop and your pleasure.
two cute pouches, check them out!

21 September 2010


busy as a bee! i've had a lot of fun recently and been super busy with the shop. check out all the newness including a sale on scrap bags of fabric. i've also just bought a used mannequin head to showcase some hair accessories. yeah, i given her a name...friday.

yep,my girl friday, check her out. :)