30 January 2012

time to...

catch up! congrats to our last giveaway winner aine. she was sweet enough to send me a thank you note when she got her prize!! :)

i hope everyone had a great and fun holiday!! our holiday was fab, thanks for asking. ;)
i got to spend time with the hubby and family...and i got some killer gifts! once i get a chance i will post some more pics but i have posted a few of them already on my flickr.
my birthday(jan 14) was awesome too, i'm in a good place right now and all i can do is hope it stays that way.

the shop is doing well also but i have a busy day ahead of me. right now in the shop we are having a 20% sale. just enter the coupon code blktulip20 at checkout. this morning i sent out several packages and i got more to send out. i've decided to extend the discount until wed(feb 1) and i'm adding new stuff daily so come and check it out by clicking here!

whew, so much has happen. I will post more later but for now ttfn! :)

miki <3