14 February 2011

i've been thinking

 about making these for some time. today was the day i decided to sit down and work on them, introducing the bow cuff. the cuff features my simple and elegant bow on a fabric cuff with a elastic loop. i adore using the elastic loop because it makes it comfortable for larger wrist and there is a cute bow button to hold the loop too!! check out the first in a series of the bow cuffs.

let me know what you think! :)

12 February 2011

a bundle of...

pearls!! these charm are so pretty and fun to make! I've made them in white, ecur and blue glass pearls.

here is the ecur charm.

here is the blue charm.

and here is the white one!

check here for more details. :)

05 February 2011

derby time...

that's right it's almost time for roller derby season to start and i have to say i'm a bit excited! one reason is that i'm really interested in watching some of the action. i remember watching roller derby on tv when i was a wee lass, it was wrestling and derby for this little tomboy.
back in those days derby like wrestling became more of a soap opera than a sport but it was fun to watch!

so in homage to the lovely ladies i made these great phone/ds lite charms.

the silver-toned charm will be available in the shop and at the vendor area of the events.
i'm looking to get a table outside the event on 3/19!
i'm making a lot of cool stuff to sale and i'm also gonna try and slip away and enjoy the derby here and there.
for more info about the local derby check out their website here.
happy rolling!!

02 February 2011

everything's on sale...

in the shop! just enter LOVESALE2011 when checking out and save 20%!!!