08 July 2011

time for...

catch up.

first off i had my first vendor experience and it was fun!
i had a table at the atlanta rollergirls bout this past june and i met some really nice people.
i also learned a few things by watching some of the other vendors at the event.
the first thing was i need to bring more product which means i really need to get to work.
second, i need more display pieces to showcase my products.
i was able to find some nice baskets from the thrift store and i will continue to look so that next time i will have a super awesome display area.

i got this three tier basket for $2.50 at the local salvation army store and that plastic postcard holder for $1.50, what a deal!!

there were a few things that made me super proud, like my table sign

and my assistant, my hubby andy! :)

all in all it was a great evening and a great first vendor experience!

on shop news, i thought it would be fun to add a new item to the shop...yep, scrunchies!!

you may ask yourself, why?  well why not, they can hold your hair out of the way when you're washing your face and they won't damage your hair like most other ponytail holders and heck they're just fun! 
this fairy kei pair sold afterr just a couple of days so i'll be making  more this weekend so check out the shop to see what other combos we have in store.

now on a personal cuteness note, on July the 7th me and my husband celebrated our 8th anniversary of our first date!  yep. eight years ago we went on our first date and ever since we have been inseparable!! :)
as one of my awesome presents he got me this wonderful mini lalaloopsy treehouse!

i spent part of this afternoon taking pictures of the treehouse and the dolls!

and as you can tell this little lady likes to play in the mud puddles!

well that's it for now, i hope your summer's going good!! :)