10 December 2010

tha winner is...

kathryn! :)

that super cute hello kitty stocking will soon be on it's way to you!
ooohhhhh....ummmm and it won't be empty! ;)

06 December 2010


it's cold outside!  it is but i like it even though it made me realize i need a good short coat.
i've been pretty busy with the shop but i took a moment to check out the sanrio tour.
it came to town on black friday (nov 26) but it was super fun and cute!

hello kitty rolling into the station.

even my husband was happy to see her! :)

one of the gift trailers...anyone knows how to pick a lock!

another of the gift trailers.

it was freezing that day but it was worth it.

i'm having a sale in the shop and it's going well, lots of kawaii packages being sent out.
it ends mid-day wednesday (dec 8) but i might have one more before the holidays end!

i'm also adding things to the holiday giveaway...there will be things inside the stocking so don't forget to enter soon!

now i'm off to make things...food! :)