21 October 2009


this is cuteness!!
i feel a bit bad for the puppy but it's just too darn cute!! :D
the more i look at this I feel like that puppy plus that would so be my mom sleeping in the background! ;)

11 October 2009


who me!
yeah, i was invited to do a interview for this site, check it out here!!!

01 October 2009

a trip...

to the fabric store today!
there is sure to be trouble, must stay on budget!!! :(
let's see how creative i can be with $20 and one coupon! ;)

13 August 2009

hello kitty...

my love and fascination for you is just too much!
i have never been to disneyland but i have now been to puroland and boy it was great!

when you enter the park you are greeted with cuteness!!

we saw a show, had some hello kitty chocolate filled cookies, went to her house, rode on a boat around the park and so much more!
it was wonderful and for what you pay ¥4,400(get the coupon from the website to save some money) it's so worth it!

first, we went to see a show at the fairyland theater and it was too fun and adorable!

next we went to hello kitty's house.

you get a photo op with kitty herself after you go through her house!!!
they will take one photo with your camera and one with theirs but your not obligated to buy the one they take.
they're lots of opportunity to have your picture taken in the park.
we had our picture taken after the hello kitty black wonder game.

in this game you have to go around and find clues to save hello kitty and dear daniel from kuromi.

you get this cute hello kitty lantern to go around with and record the clues you find.
at the end for ¥500 you get a picture with a different scene based on weather you saved them or not(we did! :D), plus it comes with a cool frame!!
now here's the cool thing if you decide to buy one of the few photos they offer at the different attractions they give you a code to go online and download the picture or have it made into a mug, t-shirt, etc.

there are a few places to eat in the park but we went to the cafeteria and had some yummy treats!

i also picked up some yummy chocolate filled cookies!

these were the last three surviving members but they went to a better place, my belly!

in the middle of the park is the wisdom tree and they perform shows there also.

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we also went on the ge-ge-ge no kitaro rally in 3-d ride and it was fun!
i have to say my husband really enjoyed that ride.
they give you 3-d glasses that kinda pinch your head and strap you into these chairs.
you can also do the ride in the non-movable seats, if you want.
basically to get jostled around in these seats and the air temperature changes and you get air blown in your face, it was great!
before we left we got to also take the sanrio character boat ride.

we were in puroland for several hours but it didn't seem that way, it went way way too fast.

12 August 2009



we went to the tokyo bay fireworks and boy they know how to do it up!

be warned there are a lot of people!

10 August 2009

sorry ...

for the lack of updates.
between the earthquakes and running to shops and such I've been tuckered.

on friday we went to ueno park and rode a swan!

our swan was louie...i named him that.
he was sweet but he had us do all the paddling, lazy swan! ;)
here's a picture of louie from inside the boat.

i have not received my tiny cake from andy yet!!

ueno park is lovely and there are a lot of cool things to do there too.

even the inhabitants are cute!

ueno park, go there!

07 August 2009

speaking of...

akihabara, i love this place!!
it really is for nerds, geeks, dweebs and the such.
there are shops for anime, videogames, electronics and maid cafes a plenty.
we'll talk about those lovely ladies later on.
i spent a good deal of scrilla here but who could resist!!!
i know next time i'm renting one of these lockers because my bags were heavy.

there were also arcades!!!
those of you who knew i developed a bit of a problem from the last trip here would be please to know i've only been to a few arcades...so far!;)

it's just greatness everywhere, like this eight level mandrake!!!

also this store for retro games, cool!!!

i just love it here, i think next time we'll just skip the hotel and stay awake the whole time here!!!

there's a new someone special in my life...

and her name is pepper!

she's a pullip and i got her for a good price at akihabara, me happy!!!!!!

06 August 2009


more from tokyo!
on wed we went back to ghibli and boy it's still as great as we remembered.
there were a few things we missed last time.
this cover for the well drainage was a fun surprise

but of all the things my fav will always be this guy! :)

after some walking & photos this fine gentle pig directed me to some ice cream!

before ice cream you should wash your paws off first!

the ghibli museum is just a must for trips to tokyo but i suggest you get your tickets before you leave your country. it was sold out the day we went and if we hadn't already gotten our tickets who knows when we could have made it.

04 August 2009


now that i have your attention here's the first of many visits to see the big guy.
here's some info
not sure why the background came out so white but it looks cool! :)

you get to go up the platform and touch the gundam and take pics, very cool!!!:D

here's some video too!!!

here we go...

to play catch up. it's wed in tokyo and we've been here for three and half days.
the flight in was fine no real drama and i got some really cool video.

first place we went to was kiddyland! i love this place it's too awesome just six levels of greatness!!

andy and i also went to shibuya a few times, home of mandrake(otaku heaven), disc union's punk shop and recofan. why do i have to travel to the other side of the world to find record stores?!

but our home is in shinjuku also home to tokyu hands(greatness) and abc craft shop(also greatness) !!

30 July 2009

things to do...

in tokyo a.k.a. tha' itinerary(in no particular order).

ghibli museum
calico cafe
junie moon
puppy the world
disc union

that's all i can think of for now! :)

27 July 2009

home sweet...

home, yep one place for my rants, raves and news of the shop.


click for my old home