07 August 2009

speaking of...

akihabara, i love this place!!
it really is for nerds, geeks, dweebs and the such.
there are shops for anime, videogames, electronics and maid cafes a plenty.
we'll talk about those lovely ladies later on.
i spent a good deal of scrilla here but who could resist!!!
i know next time i'm renting one of these lockers because my bags were heavy.

there were also arcades!!!
those of you who knew i developed a bit of a problem from the last trip here would be please to know i've only been to a few arcades...so far!;)

it's just greatness everywhere, like this eight level mandrake!!!

also this store for retro games, cool!!!

i just love it here, i think next time we'll just skip the hotel and stay awake the whole time here!!!

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