13 August 2009

hello kitty...

my love and fascination for you is just too much!
i have never been to disneyland but i have now been to puroland and boy it was great!

when you enter the park you are greeted with cuteness!!

we saw a show, had some hello kitty chocolate filled cookies, went to her house, rode on a boat around the park and so much more!
it was wonderful and for what you pay ¥4,400(get the coupon from the website to save some money) it's so worth it!

first, we went to see a show at the fairyland theater and it was too fun and adorable!

next we went to hello kitty's house.

you get a photo op with kitty herself after you go through her house!!!
they will take one photo with your camera and one with theirs but your not obligated to buy the one they take.
they're lots of opportunity to have your picture taken in the park.
we had our picture taken after the hello kitty black wonder game.

in this game you have to go around and find clues to save hello kitty and dear daniel from kuromi.

you get this cute hello kitty lantern to go around with and record the clues you find.
at the end for ¥500 you get a picture with a different scene based on weather you saved them or not(we did! :D), plus it comes with a cool frame!!
now here's the cool thing if you decide to buy one of the few photos they offer at the different attractions they give you a code to go online and download the picture or have it made into a mug, t-shirt, etc.

there are a few places to eat in the park but we went to the cafeteria and had some yummy treats!

i also picked up some yummy chocolate filled cookies!

these were the last three surviving members but they went to a better place, my belly!

in the middle of the park is the wisdom tree and they perform shows there also.

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we also went on the ge-ge-ge no kitaro rally in 3-d ride and it was fun!
i have to say my husband really enjoyed that ride.
they give you 3-d glasses that kinda pinch your head and strap you into these chairs.
you can also do the ride in the non-movable seats, if you want.
basically to get jostled around in these seats and the air temperature changes and you get air blown in your face, it was great!
before we left we got to also take the sanrio character boat ride.

we were in puroland for several hours but it didn't seem that way, it went way way too fast.

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