01 April 2011

happy anniversary...

yep, two awesome years of spreading cuteness around the world!
it's been super exciting sending packages to asia, australia, europe, canada and around the usa.
a big thank you to all my fans and i have so many amazing things planned for the next year.  one of them being these cute little heart shaped charms.

they're great for your bag or as a zipper pull also i can put them on a cellphone lanyard if you prefer.
if you don't see them up in the shop just message me and i will be more than happy to make you one and i have more designs coming soon too. :)

now for the big news, free giveaway time!
i have this super cute care bears vinyl that i used to make this 4" x 3" coin purse/card case.
the giveaway is a thank you to you oh so fab fans!

entry is simple just write "care bear" under this post and on April 20th the winner will be picked using a random number generator.

the winner will be notified via e-mail but if i do not hear back from that person within 24hrs another number will be pulled.

please one entry per person.

thanks and good luck!


Thanks to everyone who have entered the giveaway so far!
Orignally the contest was on Facebook and since I had to move it to the blog there was one person who was the first to enter on Facebook.  Basically that means everyone gets moved down one position. It wouldn't be right for that person to lose their position, sorry for the mix-up.


Shannon said...

care bear!


Kurenai said...

care bear

Anonymous said...

I am first! Yeah me LOL
I would love to win the CARE BEAR purse for my tween daughter.

Anonymous said...

Care Bear!

vena.nedkova at gmail dot com

jhitomi said...

Care Bears!
It's adorable; you made this pouch? I love it.
Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

mom2girls said...

My daughter loves "Care Bears" and she would love a coin purse like this one - to cool :)

Heathery said...

care bear


Kiq . said...

care bear

Pralinka said...

amazing giveaway!
my email is: kasia433@onet.eu

Jacqueline said...

care bear


Agata said...

care bear


miki said...

@jhitomi...Yes, I did! :)

katja9_10 said...

Care Bear!

Connie said...

Care Bear :)


irishdancer2459 said...

Care Bear!!
irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com

hope said...

care bear!


sandyandcosmo said...

Care Bear!

gustosa giveaways said...

care bear

gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

bingo~bonnie said...

"care bear"

Love from Texas!
Bonnie ;)

Katrina Brady said...

Care Bear

sweetpeg at gmail dot com

centuries said...


Thanks for the chance!

youmey0u at yahoo.com

Darcy said...

Care Bear!

darcylee99 at yahoo dot com

va said...

care bear , yay .
tumblemumbo at gmail.com

chainsawhoney said...

care bare!

Kathleen Mokus

Ramblings of a Part time Druid said...

care bear.


Yuliya said...

care bear!

juletchka78 at hotmail dot com

Barb K. said...


Tim said...

care bear

tahearn at roadrunner dot com

kuri said...

care bear

Jel said...

care bear

punkme15 at gmail dot com

Katharine said...

care bear!


Donna ♥ Baby said...

care bear :)


mframe said...

care bear

avatarlady said...

care bear



Chani said...

care bear
Thanks for the giveaway!

zoe hunter lee said...

care bear , thanks

madforfashion at aol.com

kiddo said...

Care Bear.

kiddomsg at gmail dot com

Polly said...

care bear :)

Kathleen said...

care bear!

Susan Audrey said...

care bear

ElfRenee said...

Care bear!

(How cute!)


Lyudmila said...

care bear!
lusizova at gmail.com

sharona said...

care bear

Ingrid said...

Care bear!


so.kitsch at gmail dot com