21 October 2011

please come into...

my work space. :)  my husband and i just bought our first home and it was my chance to have a proper work area. basically i needed an area for my sewing and space for my retro and vintage bric-a-brac...so without further ado.

 when you first walk-in, next to the door you will find some of my craft, art and kid books. also on the bookcase is my hello kitty bubble gun machine. my light box (yes, it actually lights up) with an image of gwen stefani's "love angel music baby" album cover hangs above the bookcase. these boxes were all the rage in record stores...when there were record stores.

as you come around you will see the sets of drawers where I keep my store's stock. each drawer has different products, the top ones are for jewelry and the lower ones have pouches and totes. the white boxes are shipping supplies and look don't you just love my junko mizuno poster! :)

the cubby holds my fabrics, each cube has a different major color scheme of fabrics.
basically all the blues are in one cube and all the red/pink are in another cube and so on.
the cutie shelves came with the room which is perfect for my figures and such.

you will also notice my vintage wig box and sewing basket, i love thrift stores!

last but not least is my desk, it's nice to have this area. i have my sewing machine, my serger and a wicked lime green chair! i also have my pegboard which i did myself. it's so helpful for keeping my desk organized. you will also notice the picture of my husband as a young skateboarding slacker.

i hope you enjoyed taking a peek in my cutie world!! :)

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Bam-Bam said...

Wow!!! Your place is amazing!