17 March 2011

i got...

some exciting news! first, i'm working on a giveaway that will be both cute and functional...humm whatever could it be, keep checking back to find out! ;)

also i have a few new items in the shop including these cute earrings

which brings me to the next good news, i will be supplying a giveaway item and doing a interview for http://derbygirlsblog.com/ soon and once it's up and rolling i will let you know here and on our facebook page.

now you might have noticed my new badge to the right. it was my first time making one and it was super easy using the directions i found here.
if your up for a badge exchange just let me know! :)

last but not least, i have started another blog that will feature all things kawaii! if you would like your photos, video, shop or whatever you got in the world of kawaii featured just send me a message! i will pick a item, shop,blog or whatnot to feature every week, it's still in baby form but i'm super excited about it!
come check out!

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