23 November 2010

the holidays are...

so awesome! I can't wait to get a tree and burn candles that smell like peppermint!

black friday is coming and yes i have to work which sucks but i guess that keeps me from spending money i don't have.
what also sucks is that's the day the sanrio pop-up tour rolls into atlanta.
i wish  could get video of it rolling in but heck i'm just glad it's coming to atlanta. i will make it there with cash in hand and getting some cute things so don't worry about me! i will upload pictures and video so keep checking back.

what doesn't suck is the sale i'll be having in the shop. i'm going to offer some deals for fans and i'll have scrap bags of fabric on sale also. i'm excited to give some deals to my supporters and  make room for new items.
i!'ll be adding more details soon so go ahead and add us on facebook or join the blog roll!

also don't forget to enter our giveaway, who doesn't want hello kitty stuff for free!:)

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