26 October 2010

busy as a...

bee these days I am! so let's play catch up, first off congrats to michele for winning our halloween giveaway!
no worries if you didn't get a chance to enter the halloween giveaway because i will be having a christmas giveaway.
second, i'm excited about the new items in the shop like doll clothing.
i've always made clothes for my girls but i thought it would be fun to make some for other folks.
here are a few of the skirts i've made so far.

and lastly i've been making some bracelets for the shop and loving every minute of it.
right now i'm working with these glass pearls and soon i will venture into other beads and charms.
i got a lot of ideas swimming in my head and i need to get them out! ;)

well that's it for now but more coming very soon!

ttfn :)

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