31 March 2010

such pretty...

flowers this past weekend.
me and the old man went to macon for the cherry blossom festival.
the trees were lovely and there was clear blue sky as far as the eye could see.

i got a lot of great pictures of the trees and the girls!

also my too sweet hubby won me a cute panda, i named him jerry.

it was really fun, we laid out our sailor moon blanket and played tic-tac-toe and checkers!
no need to tell you who one the most games...okay it was me! :)
i noticed we laid our blanket in a clover patch and it was lovely.

while i was on a hunt for a four-leaf clover i did one better and found a five-leaf clover!

as day went into night it was all neon and ice cream cones, i had sugar-free vanilla!

all-in-all it was a great day and i can't wait until next year!!!

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